Selecting your reseller partner

If you are a web design shop, public relations firm or ad agency, you are undoubtedly confronting a changing marketplace.  As this recent report on NPR’s Marketplace demonstrates, PR firms are rapidly moving toward SEO and social media to help their clients grow their businesses. There is no denying that the social media movement is upon us. Just like Google has changed the way people market their businesses to the search engines, Facebook and Twitter are rapidly changing how we do social media. For a small firm that does not posses these skills, how can they compete? Answer: Use an SEO reseller program.


There are new companies that have grown up quickly to meet this new market demand. Specifically, you can now contract with an SEO reseller and outsource your entirely SEM delivery operation. While this may sound scary, it is no different then outsourcing payroll, food services, or your parking attendant services. Yes, the business case is the same. You can make the investment in building your own search engine marketing capability, or you can white label someone elses through an established SEO reseller plan. Here are a few pointers for how to shop for your SEO outsourced team:

Look for transparency: Generally speaking, more transparency means higher quality. Even if not, it means more trustworthy. There are hucksters out there. They tend to hide their tactics making it hard to know what you are really getting.

Look for great technology:  You want an SEO reseller that is going to give you a white label SEO portal that your customers can log into. This will be a big selling point for you and will drive retention. See the video below for the SEM technology platform we recommend (sold as a private label SEO portal).

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