An SEO reseller story

So we have a bunch of SEO resellers that work with us. Many of them don’t really do too much to generate income. I think that this works much like an affiliate program. About 95% of the people who join will really not do anything. It is not that they don’t want to make money or have good intentions. I believe that 95% of the folks out looking for SEO reseller deals just don’t want to put in the work required to make money.

But for the few that do, there is a real opportunity that SEO resellers have. The opportunity is to get involved in your local business community and sell through old-fashioned networking. I have seen some of our SEO resellers do this very well. They go to the local chamber of commerce or other business association and find out when the networking happy hours are happening. They show up and start talking to people. They learn about local businesses and the troubles they are having with online marketing.

It does not take long to start getting asked to help people if you are halfway intelligence about SEO. And if you have research SEO resellers and have a deal in place, when someone asked you to bid on some work, you are ready to go… I have seen this done very well by a bunch of our guys. You should think about it. Almost every local paper has networking events listed…

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