The most important aspect of an SEO reseller program

I think it is probably obvious so say, but the most important aspect of any SEO reseller program is how well it works. Yes, yes, it’s as plain as the nose on your face. After all, search engine optimization is what your customers are buying from you. So when you go out and look for a team to outsource your backoffice SEO to (called an SEO reseller) you need to be especially sure that the team you pick is up to the job.

That all sounds well and good in theory, but how exactly do you measure their effectiveness? This is where things get tricky.
Any good SEO reseller you talk to will tell you that SEO takes at least 90 days.

High quality reselling teams will not offer guarantees. Google doesn’t like them and the fine print is usually very slippery.

The reseller plan you go with needs to be appropriate for the words you are trying to rank on.

You need to set customer expectations appropriately or you will be overly influenced by your customer feedback.

That last one is the trickiest. You can get one unhappy phone call from a client and then conclude that the SEO reseller is no good. But what if your client simply doesn’t have appropriate expectations? Sure, there are many bad resellers out there. But there are just as many clients who don’t really understand SEO. As a result, they may leave no matter how great your search engine optimization really is.

It’s difficult to evaluate your SEO outsourcer, but if you stay objective, use the guidelines I’ve listed above, you should be able to find a partner who can help your business grow. For more on this topic, check out this press release.