Top SEO learnings from 2010

I watched SEO Moz’s Friday white board the other day because I was quite interested in what the BIG ideas in SEO for 2010 were. I had expected to see that Google was losing it’s grip on the Internet. This may have spelled bad news for the SEO reseller community. But this is not what I found at all. Here is another review of the 2010 SEO tips on an SEO reseller website. The author here draws some interesting conclusions and extrapolates what it might mean for businesses in the SEO reseller space.

First and foremost, the data show that Google is still the dominant search engine and that has not changed. Despite the best efforts of Bing and Yahoo to join up and take Google on, the majority of search traffic is still running through them. As SEO resellers know, most efforts are focused on Google. This data suggests that it won’t be changing any time soon.

The other big thing in 2010 was social. Mostly Twitter and Facebook. People have been saying for years that social sites will take a bite out of Google’s revenues. I know that in the SEO reseller space, there has been big movement to bring Facebook and Twitter into the SEO reseller programs (see this one for example) so that customers feel that this area has been covered. But is it really just buzz? This data sort of suggests that as nobody is 100% sure that your rankings are really impacted by being in Twitter and Facebook. Sure, there is business to be had and marketing in social media is smart, but for the seo resellers out there, the jury is still out on if this is required for moving up the search engine rankings.

Overall, 2010 was a great year for search engine optimization. The industry is strong at over $2,000,000,000. With health growth, $2 billion is no longer a small industry and there is plenty of room for the competition (both reselling teams and direct marketing teams) that we are seeing emerge in this field.