What’s new for SEO resellers?

Today’s focus is on technology tools. If you are thinking about how to differentiate your SEO reseller business, you need to be focused on technology tools. There are only so many directory submissions you can pack into an SEO reseller program. At some point, the customer can’t really distinguish the difference between 1,000 directory posts and 2,000 submissions. And even worse, they actually may start to wonder if those things are really helping their search engine rankings (hint: They are not all that great).

So where am I going with this? You need to be offering your client or customer a view into the return on investment from their SEO… This is where great SEO reseller programs start to really differentiate from the run-of-the-mill India / off-shore stuff. They offer the customer reports… Not just your monthly activity report, but a real set of analytics that will help them understand the impact of your work on their search engine rankings…

Step back for a second and remember that most customers really don’t understand this product. They’ve been told “there’s gold in them der hills” – but they really have no experience mining… Search engine optimization is a bit of the same thing. Businesses are being told relentlessly that they need to be viral, and social, and organic. But really – they have no idea what these words mean. So you are trying to sell them SEO through your SEO reseller plan, and they just don’t know what they bought… Thus the need for education… Education comes from showing people data and explaining cause and effect. This will best be done through solid technology and world-class reports… And *THAT* is today’s thought on what you should be looking for as you shop the SEO reseller space. Find the best technology platform you can.. But nothing yucky.. You want business professional, the kind of stuff your business clients will really appreciate. See also here.