Daily Resller Research

As always, I am watching the airways for new SEO reseller material that you might find interesting. This article floated by today and I thought it was worth a read.  They make the case that joining an SEO reseller program is actually the conservative thing to do when you are just launching. As I think about all the risks involved with starting your own business, I have to say that I agree. There is just so much emphasis needed on sales and marketing that you can easily lose yourself in the depths of product development. In this SEO Reseller article, they basically say that you should not take your eye off the ball. Sales and marketing are key to any business, especially in the SEO space. So let someone else do the delivery work for you while you work out your sales process. On other words – Outsource first. Sell. Then you can consider bringing the SEO services back in-house if you are not happy with the quality or think you can do it cheaper. All in all, good advice for those headed into the SEO reseller maze. Give it a read and see if you agree.