The real scoop on reselling SEO

So many people ask us “can I make money reselling SEO?” And the real answer is, it depends… I mean, can you make money selling cars? Perhaps. Are you a good car sales person? This same line of thinking applies to search engine optimization as well. When people shop for an SEO reseller partner, they focus a great deal of attention on who they are going to partner with. And understandably so. But how much introspection are they really doing on themselves to determine if they are really ready and able to sell SEO? This may be where the real answer lies.

Starting any business is a very difficult thing. You have to have a long-term view. And you need to be ready for set-backs along the way. There really is no such thing as an “easy” start-up. Even guys who have done many start-up businesses know this. So when people head into the SEO reseller space and think they can just sign up for with a reselling organization and sell search engine optimization, I laugh. Why in the world would it be this easy? If it were, wouldn’t everyone be doing it? Seriously folks. Think that through.

So the real search strategy when you are trying to find the perfect search engine optimization to resell is to look both within and around. You need to be ready to sell. Sell, sell, sell. You need to know that this will be hard and that you have what it takes – both financially and emotionally – to stay with it. Then you also need a great SEO reseller partnership with an organization that delivers high quality search engine optimization you can rely on. These two things together will get you where you need to be.