More help for those seeking an SEO reseller program

Here is another resource that I found this morning while reading the Internet looking for SEO reseller programs. This is another website that is aimed at helping people who have a desire to jump into a SEO reseller program. And there are many people out there who are ready to take on the challenge of an SEO business.  It’s actually unbelievable.

So what are the nuts and bolts of the SEO reseller approach? If you are not familiar, I can lay it out fairly easily.  You want to get into the search engine optimization space, but don’t really have a developed product. In this case, you have to options. First, you could spend a year building out a great SEO product and working out all the bugs. Or you can resell someone else’s SEO product. Most people decide that the second option is better. And there are several advantages.

The specific advantage of joining an SEO reseller program is that is allows you to focus on sales and marketing – which are the BIGGEST challenge when entering any space. People don’t give this enough attention. But you don’t sell well, there is no business. So reselling is a great way to enter a space. You can be 100% focused on sales and let someone else do the SEO delivery. As things move along and your business grows, you can consider bringing it back in-house – if you want. But it is not entirely needed.