What is The Difference Between A Private Label SEO Program and a White Label Program?

White label SEO program or private label SEO program? A name is just a name, right? Often white label SEO and private label SEO is used interchangeably, however, they are not the same. White label is a term that dates to the recording industry when records were made with a “white label” so that a brand could place their “badge” on the record.
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Private label on the other hand was often used in the alcohol and perfume industry to denote a bespoke product.

Some people in the digital marketing realm are under the impression that white label refers to the product while private label SEO program refers to the service, that again, is not correct. White label SEO programs and private label SEO programs are the same in a few ways, but they are also quite different.

It is All About Control

The two monikers (white label, private label) are designations that are used to determine who has more control so to speak in product design, development, and “ingredients” of the product.
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This is true across the board whether we are talking about SEO or some other product or service.

Let us use umbrellas as an example. Company A produces standard black umbrellas, that company B sells as their own. These generic black umbrellas are all the same.
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Company B adds their label to the umbrella and marks up the price.

Down the road Company B decides that they want a more custom product. They want black umbrellas with brass tips and neon straps. They provide Company A (the umbrella maker) with specific details about how they want the umbrellas to be made.
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The first scenario is a white label scenario, the second scenario is a private label scenario.

Now we can take that information and apply it to SEO. Company A generates SEO that is not branded and maintains things like topic control, layout, etc. Company B partners with Company A and brands the SEO as their own and resells it.
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In this case, Company B down the road has established their brand and they want their SEO to reflect that brand. Company B provides specific guidance about what their SEO should be. Again, the first scenario is a white label SEO program, the second scenario is a private label SEO program.

There are some basic similarities but some major differences between the two programs.

Which One is Better

Figuring out which reseller plan is better for your business is a highly personal choice.
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Each program delivers a wide range of benefits. Your business goals are the determining factor when you are making the choice between a private label SEO program and a white label SEO program.

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