Great SEO reseller approaches

So, people in the SEO industry are all looking for that quick buck. I have bad news on this topic. There is no quick buck. Not in the SEO reseller game or any other. The idea that there is “easy money” out there somewhere is just a fallacy. The sooner you understand that concept, the closer you will be to actually making big bucks.  But don’t hear me wrong, there are many great ways to make a business in the SEO reseller world. There are solid reseller companies out there than can set you up with top-notch search engine optimization services. They know their delivery and can do a great job. But you have to sell.

So the big question for you is: Do you have what it takes to sell SEO? This is a competitive space. There are a bunch of SEO resellers running around doing the same thing you are doing. Are you better? Do you have a great pitch? Do you know how to do the follow-through. Do you understand the biggest part of sales is the follow-up? People think of sales in terms of the pitch or the hard sale. But it is really much more about follow-up and organization. Can you run 400 leads at once and not loss control of your process?  These are the hard questions for you. Think them over. Also read. Things like this.