How SEO resellers make money

If you are thinking of getting in the SEO reseller space, there are a number of things you should know. First of all, the SEO industry is fairly competitive. There is a perceived low barrier to entry into SEO. I say perceived because I actually think the barrier to entry is higher than people think. But this is not where people start in their thinking, so many jump right in thinking they can do this.

Understanding the competitive landscape, if you want to be a good SEO reseller, you need to find the perfect firm to partner with. If you have the right SEO delivery team, and you know how to sell search engine optimization, you can really make a dent here. But those are two really big ifs.

Finding the right SEO reseller partner takes some research time. You need to start calling people. You need to know how to evaluate a good SEO reseller program from a bad one. I personally start with page 1 of Google. If you want an SEO reseller plan that works well for your clients, where better to find it than page 1 of Google. These SEO resellers know there stuff and are able to compete with all the other players out there. Contact them. Call them and ask lots of questions about their SEO. If you find a good fit, try it with one client. Then expand to more clients.

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