An Introduction to SEO

For those who are not aware of what SEO can do for their company, a quick definition of the term may reveal a great deal of why this form of marketing has become one of the most popular services offered by internet businesses. SEO refers to search engine optimization, and covers a wide range of services that companies can provide to increase the traffic that a website can get on an average day. These services will cover needs such as copy written articles that can be used for blogs and other social media outlets, link network creation, HTML metadata included on webpages, and much more. Ultimately, the strength of SEO relies on its ability to create content that will catch the attention of users of popular search engines. Many of the advertisements and sites that you see when you are searching for products and services on those search engines will have SEO content designed into them so that they will reach you before others.

These rankings are determined by a few factors that SEO touches on, such as key word relevance, site authenticity, and how often that site is clicked on when it comes up in a search related to that key word. The leading site for “apples,” for example, will have information on apples that users immediately identify as what they want to be for their first result. Many times, this will be a larger site that has many other entries into the search engine, such as online dictionaries and encyclopedias, although with other cases when more specific key words are used the results will be more geared towards online services and products.

SEO is as useful for offline businesses as it is for strictly online companies. Offline, brick and mortar stores still need to market their product, and there is no better way to do so than on the internet. Many businesses, such as skilled labor and legal services benefit from using SEO to make sure that customers and potential clients are able to find them first in relation to specifically determined key words related to their location, such as “Manhattan plumber” as an example. That means that SEO can be tailored to reach nearly any level of search interest that you think may benefit your company if you are interested in what SEO may be able to do for you.

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