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How to Maximize Your Success of Finding the Best SEO Reseller

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seo_scienceIn the technological era, the platforms for marketing have grown extensively. You are now able to reach people anywhere, at any time, thanks to smart phones and portable tablets. Digital marketing is a vital and effective form of marketing, but managing the complexities can be challenging. That’s why businesses’ marketing budgets are on a rise; it allows them to hire agencies that handle the intricacies of digital marketing campaigns for the businesses and gets them real results. SEO reseller agencies are such an agency that will manage complicated SEO tasks for your business. They will also professionally handle the workload, maintain quality control and deliver results, while making it seem like your company is an expert, is in control and is able to successfully manage all this work. With businesses looking to grow through the help of SEO reseller programs, the number of SEO reseller programs and agencies has exploded; digging through all the available agencies to find the right SEO reseller program for you can be tricky. Sometimes it can be a matter of trial and error. You see what works, what doesn’t and learn from bad SEO reseller experiences. However, there are ways you can increase the chance of success by narrowing down your selections to find the best SEO reseller program for your business the first try. As a business owner, white label SEO are probably contacting you, offering outsourced SEO services, promising to take your business to new heights by getting your website more hits on Google—and for such a cheap price! But stop—don’t take the bait. Hiring a quality SEO reseller service versus hiring a subpar SEO reseller service can be the difference between getting superior results and getting disastrous results. The main reason you are hiring a SEO reseller service is to get results—that’s what you are paying them for. So before you jump into hiring a white label SEO company into your marketing team, consider their track record for producing results. If your SEO reseller program doesn’t deliver quality results you are after, it’s akin to throwing money into the trash. Be smart. Don’t throw caution to the wind and jump into a SEO reseller program blindly. Do some digging before you invest. The best way to know your business will benefit from a SEO reseller program is first to make sure the SEO reseller program is worthy of your trust. You can easily gage out a service’s effectiveness by seeing how long they have been around. A SEO reseller program that has been active a long time is a good sign. But that’s not to say that new SEO reseller programs are lesser or not worthy. Read customer reviews from different, various sources to get a broader perspective on the program. While reading the reviews, see if the SEO reseller program met deadlines and met the requirements of the client. Were they professional and timely? Did they deliver the results? Always keep in mind that the SEO reseller agency you hire will be a part of your marketing team—their actions for your company will be reflected onto you. That’s to say their mistakes will be on you. No one is perfect—mistakes happen. But how a SEO reseller agency backtracks and resolves mistakes—and when—is an important thing to assess. Will they take action and correct the mistake, or leave you alone to fend for yourself? Though we wish those phone calls and emails offering cheap prices for white label SEO services were legitimate, it’s more likely they’re not; hiring them is risky. Cheap SEO resellers are more likely to produce cheap results—low quality links that Google penalizes, bad grammar, spelling mistakes, poor quality websites. Communication is key with SEO resellers; a cheap outsourced SEO may not communicate in a timely manner, due to time differences. As a business that needs longevity and cohesiveness, you need to form a long-term relationship with a SEO reseller you trust—not a low rate outsourced SEO service that is unaffected if you cancel due to poor performance; the cheap SEO service probably sent the same email to a thousand other businesses and another business probably took the bait and replaced you. With cheap outsourced SEO, you run the risk of being scammed—just like this. That’s not to say you should hire the most expensive white label SEO. It’s to say you must do your research. There are a lot of local SEO services available, as well as outsourced SEO services, all depending on your budge and target audience. Finding the right SEO reseller service for you requires you to ask questions, what kind of service you are after, and see which SEO service can deliver. Businesses with low marketing budgets choose outsourced SEO services because it is more affordable. Reading past or current client reviews, plus communicating with the SEO reseller before hiring, will increase your chance of successful digital marketing.

Google Phantom 2 Update Rocks SEO Resellers

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Google Phantom 2 Algprithm UpdateIt was widely confirmed over the last few days that there WAS a Google algorithm update that started on April 29th. While Google originally denied that they had updated, many in the SEO reseller community had noted big changes in small business website rankings starting 4/29. After about 1 week into May, the changes stopped coming. Some resellers have reported big BUMPs in their rankings, while others are seeing that clients websites have come down in the rankings. SEO reseller programs vary widely on their tactics, so to understand how the Google Phantom 2 update really impacts any specific reseller plan is difficult. However, here is what we know about Phantom 2:.
  • It targeted low quality website content.
  • Google does not like stacks of YouTube videos, with no original content
  • This update targeted pages with many ads on them
  • The change discounted pages with thin content
In many ways, this update sounds like a Panda update. But Google has said that it is not – and that this is core to their algo now. Additionally, it should be noted that the last phantom update was in 2013, a few weeks before a big Penguin update. While the 4/29 Phantom 2 update did not include an analysis of backlinks, that may still be coming.

SEO in 2015

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seo-reseller-deals_info-seoIt has been a while since I updated by blog, so I wanted to let you all know I was still alive. It is 2015 and SEO is in a very different place from just two years ago. There are still many deal hunters out there, but most small businesses are finding out that you can’t short cut the search engines like you used to. They have matured and evolved in significant ways over the last few years and marketers need to understand this or they will not be helping their customers. What are the biggest changes we are seeing to search engines? Well, in 2015 there are certainly social signals in the ranking process. We knew this was coming, but we are learning that it has much more to do with legitimacy and signals than ever before. If you don’t leave a footprint of a real person, you are in real danger. Negative SEO is a real thing now. There are links and activities that can literally push rankings negative. This was never the case for Google before 2013. But now it is well documented. If you build links too fast, or don’t have associated social signals, you will likely cause harm… In short, you need to have a real presence on the Internet if you want the search engines to take you seriously.